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drinking habits of us presidents

Where Are the Modern Wine-Loving Presidents? The Changing Drinking Habits of U.S. Presidents

Just five years after George Washington became the first president of the United States, he bought six pipes (that’s 756 gallons) of Madeira wine. To say that Washington was a wine enthusiast is probably the understatement of the last two centuries. Even before the Revolutionary War, wine played an important, underlying role in the U.S.…

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2016 montrachet

Burgundy Grand Cru Producers Team Up for 2016 Montrachet: How to Invest in This Hotly-Anticipated Wine

Having gone through a devastating spring frost and continued problems with premox, Burgundy needed some good news for a change, and it looks like it got it. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Burgundy’s low grape yields might actually produce one of the most legendary wines of this decade, which is excellent news for…

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A discolored cork shows that this wine may have gone bad

How Do I Check for Signs That Wine Has Gone Bad in Storage?

The distinctive smells of a wine that has gone bad—often reminiscent of moldy wet newspaper and acetone—are the last things anyone wants to experience when they uncork a bottle of fine wine. However, you can sometimes spot the telltale signs that wine has gone bad in storage before you even open the bottle. Knowing how to spot common red flags is a great way to avoid buying spoiled bottles on the secondary market. It can also warn you of potential storage issues so you can correct any problems before they ruin the other bottles in your collection.

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