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Chasing truffles

Love them or loathe them, truffles are undoubtedly some of the most majestic ingredients on the planet. But, with a changing climate and an aging cohort of specialist truffle hunters, the future of this rare delicacy is uncertain. Sophie Thorpe explores Truffles: small, gnarly things. Equally ugly and alluring. Pungently intoxicating. Deliciously rare – and…

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Can you make money selling wine? Absolutely, as long as you follow a few basic steps.

Can You Make Money Selling Wine? A Step-by-Step Guide | Vinfolio

Being able to sell your wine online is one of the greatest perks of being a modern wine collector. It’s made it possible for first-time investors to make a healthy profit, even if they have no prior experience selling wine. Meanwhile, experienced collectors and those who have a taste for luxury goods also benefit from selling their unwanted wine bottles online, so they can make room for more of the finest new vintages. 

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An en primeur investment is one of the best ways to buy wine at the lowest price and to secure your investments before they sell out.

What Is an En Primeur Investment? | Vinfolio

If you’re looking to buy fine wine at a reasonable price, before it is even distributed on the market, an en primeur investment is the best choice. An en primeur investment is when you buy wine before it’s been bottled. Think of it as a pre-order. You order the newest vintage from the winery, and after two to three years (the time it takes for the wine to finish barrel aging and be bottled), the winery or retailer ships the wine to you.

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