Fighting the tide: Venissa’s quest to save Venice’s vineyards

Venissa is an estate like no other, crafting wine from the indigenous Dorona grape grown on islands in the Venice Lagoon. Sophie Thorpe spoke to Matteo Bisol about his family’s mission to preserve this unique Venetian tradition  “I met Anselme Selosse when I was 13 and that really entered in my heart. He’s really a…

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The 2021 fall Bordeaux harvest was a challenging one, but top producers are hoping the wines will be elegant, delicate, and fresh.

2021 Fall Bordeaux Harvest: A Light, Refreshing, and Drinkable Vintage

The 2021 fall Bordeaux harvest produced fresh and approachable wines but was not without its challenges. In fact, it’s one of the smallest harvests since 1977 and yields were about 25 to 30 percent lower than usual. However, low yields also mean that demand for 2021 Bordeaux will be higher and wines from the region’s top producers will be particularly sought-after. It will also be a good season for white Bordeaux.

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a collection of special wines

How to Choose a Special Wine for Your Collection

Seasoned wine collectors are always looking for that next special bottle to round out their cellars. If you’ve been collecting wine for a while, you might be looking for something that’s a little rarer or has better provenance than most labels on the market. Where can you find that ultra-rare wine that perfectly matches your preferences and your investment needs? Moreover, how do you know which wines are the perfect fit for your collection?

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Why join a wine club? We have some reasons.

Why Join a Wine Club? The Pros and Cons of Wine Subscription Services

I used to be skeptical about online wine clubs, especially those offering deals that seemed too good to be true. Could you really get a mixed case wines including high-quality California Chardonnay for less than $13 per bottle? In order to test some of these popular wine subscriptions, I joined a few wine clubs myself. After signing up for three different subscription services, I learned that the quality of a wine club can vary dramatically depending on how rigorous the bottle selection process is.

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