A discolored cork shows that this wine may have gone bad

How Do I Check for Signs That Wine Has Gone Bad in Storage?

The distinctive smells of a wine that has gone bad—often reminiscent of moldy wet newspaper and acetone—are the last things anyone wants to experience when they uncork a bottle of fine wine. However, you can sometimes spot the telltale signs that wine has gone bad in storage before you even open the bottle. Knowing how to spot common red flags is a great way to avoid buying spoiled bottles on the secondary market. It can also warn you of potential storage issues so you can correct any problems before they ruin the other bottles in your collection.

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How to Protect Wine Provenance: A Step-by-Step Guide to Tracing Your Wine’s History

Collectors often assume that a wine’s provenance doesn’t matter once they’ve bought their bottles and stowed them away in their cellars. This might be true if they only plan on drinking the wine, but if they want to resell the bottle later, the wine’s provenance still has a long way to go. I’ve bought bottles…

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how do I build a wine cellar

How Do I Build a Wine Cellar?

Most of the collectors I know can remember the moment they realized they needed to build a wine cellar. The tipping point usually happens around the 100-bottle mark; your collection is officially too large for most wine fridges, which forces you to consider alternative storage methods like professional warehouses or home cellars. However, building a…

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