cellaring champagne

A Guide to Aging Champagne: Sommelier Cara Patricia Higgins on Why It’s Worth Cellaring Champagne

FEATURED WINES: -Bollinger RD -Krug Collection -Dom Perignon P2 -Veuve Clicquot Rosé -Salon We do a lot of things with Champagne. We celebrate holidays and weddings with it, we kick off an elaborate meal with glass of racy Blanc de Blancs, and we shoot it out of Champagne guns off yachts in St. Barts (not…

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moving your wine collection to a warehouse

This Month in Your Cellar: Moving Your Wine Collection to a Warehouse One Bottle (Or Case) At a Time

I’ve known collectors who love the idea of professional storage, but they’re too afraid to do it because they fear that if anything goes wrong during shipping, they’ll lose every bottle they own. I get it–even though a professional warehouse may be the safest place for your wine, getting a large number of bottles there…

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A discolored cork shows that this wine may have gone bad

How Do I Check for Signs That Wine Has Gone Bad in Storage?

The distinctive smells of a wine that has gone bad—often reminiscent of moldy wet newspaper and acetone—are the last things anyone wants to experience when they uncork a bottle of fine wine. However, you can sometimes spot the telltale signs that wine has gone bad in storage before you even open the bottle. Knowing how to spot common red flags is a great way to avoid buying spoiled bottles on the secondary market. It can also warn you of potential storage issues so you can correct any problems before they ruin the other bottles in your collection.

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