In Pursuit of Sonoma’s True Identity: Kistler and Occidental

Kistler’s Chardonnays are the stuff of legend – but now Steve Kistler has a new project, Occidental, crafting Pinot Noir on the outer reaches of the Sonoma Coast. Vinfolio’s Sophie Thorpe explores the winemaker’s legacy and these two very special estates Unlike many wine-lovers, I came across Occidental before Kistler. I worked for a company that imported some…

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Talking Clonal Cabernet at Schrader Cellars

Top Napa estate Schrader Cellars has championed the use of individual clones of Cabernet Sauvignon, often in the same vineyard, in its quest for quality. Tasting through the range with the property’s own Master Sommelier Jason Smith, we explore how these pioneering wines have won the hearts of oenophiles around the world  Schrader Cellars is one…

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Fashion Victim: Sauvignon Blanc

Maligned by many, adored by more, Sauvignon Blanc divides wine-drinkers – and no more so than the wine-drinking elite. But why? Vinfolio’s Sophie Thorpe talks to the people behind some of the world’s best examples to explore the grape’s status today It’s easy to sneer at Sauvignon Blanc. Its success has been its downfall. It’s…

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Wildfires have become a yearly occurrence for Napa and Sonoma – but what is their impact, and how can producers handle the effects? Sophie Thorpe spoke to some of Northern California’s leading producers to investigate the issue

The Way the Wind Blows

Driving through Napa and Sonoma, the land still bears the scars of 2020. The wildfires that raged through the region have left a long-lasting mark, whether it’s lengthy reconstruction efforts or the stark, charred tree trunks that cover the mountains. But it’s more than that. To an outsider, the fires feel intangible, terrifying yet somehow…

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To Kalon

The Tale of To Kalon

To Kalon. For any Californian winemaker, those two words represent the Holy Grail. This vineyard in Oakville, Napa, is undeniably the region’s most famous. Perched at the foot of the Mayacamas, west of Highway 29, this site has been recognized for producing fine wine since the 19th century. Literally translating as the “highest beauty” or…

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