Chateau Belle-Brise: Interview with Henri-Bruno De Coincy

We caught up with Ch. Belle-Brise’s owner and winemaker Henri-Bruno de Coincy to find out the secret behind this idiosyncratic Pomerol estate  Ch. Belle-Brise is a rather inconspicuous Bordeaux property with a “garden” vineyard of just two hectares and an annual production of just 800 cases. With such small quantities produced and a legion of…

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About the Producer: Alvina Pernot

Alvina Pernot – grand-daughter of Puligny-Montrachet-based producer Paul Pernot – established her own label in 2018, with her husband Philippe Abadie. About the Producer Alvina Pernot is one of the most exciting producers of white Burgundy today. Based in Puligny-Montrachet with some incredible vineyards, this is a name to watch – creating taut and mineral…

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Vinfolio Investment Report Volume One, 2021

As one of the country’s leading fine wine companies, we are thrilled to share the first volume of our comprehensive Fine Wine Investment Report outlining the current state of global wine market investments. This guide will explore the best regions to watch, wines with impressive recent growth, and Vinfolio’s predictions for what wines will do…

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what are ex-chateau wines

What Are Ex-Château Wines?

How much would you pay for a bottle of 1995 Latour? If I told you that the bottle had remained at the Latour estate since it was bottled nearly two decades ago, would you be willing to pay more for it than a bottle that had passed through dozens of hands?

In 2013, collectors had to make this exact choice after Latour decided to drop out of en-primeur sales altogether and sell off older wines from 1995 instead. Latour held onto the 1995 bottles, waiting until they reached peak drinking age, then sold them directly to collectors as ex-château wines.

But what are ex-château wines?

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Caymus cabernet sauvignon on table with fruit and cheese.

The Best Cabernet Under $200

High prices are mistaken too often as a guarantee of high quality. While it’s true that many of the best wines in the world are also among the most expensive, simply buying an expensive wine does not guarantee that you will enjoy it. Nor does a low price tag necessarily mean that a wine isn’t worth adding to your collection.

For example, you can find some of the best Cabernet wines for under $200 if you know where to look.

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Bottle of red wine bought directly from producer in front of barrel in bucolic setting.

How Do I Buy Wine Direct From a Producer?

In the world of wine, less is more—at least when it comes to handling and transportation. Whether you relish local wines or seek to collect cases from around the world, you want assurance that the journey from the vineyard to your doorstep was as straightforward and uneventful as possible.

Why? If you aim to enjoy the wine at your next dinner party, you’ll want to serve nothing less than the best a bottle has to offer. And if you’d prefer to resell the wine for profit instead, you’ll receive the greatest ROI from a bottle that’s all but guaranteed perfect provenance.

In either case, the best approach may be to buy directly from producers.

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vineyard for winery direct

What is Winery Direct? Direct From the Vineyard to Your Door

Most wines travel hundreds, or thousands, of miles and pass through many doors before they complete their journey with the pop of a cork. This process factors into the price and—more importantly—the provenance of these wines. The farther the wines travel, and the more complex the journey, the greater the increase in cost and the higher the chances of a mishap. Winery direct shipping offers a faster, safer alternative that limits the extent to which these wines are handled and the risk of damage occurring during transportation.

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mclaren vale wine region

Exploring the McLaren Vale Wine Region

Located in the South Australia wine state just a short drive south of Adelaide, McLaren Vale is considered to be among the most significant viticultural areas in the world. For a relatively small region, it’s impressively diverse. A number of different red and white grape varieties thrive here thanks to the varied terroirs that coexist within this one appellation. The producers themselves also come in many shapes and sizes; McLaren Vale is home to both industry giants and small, high-end wineries alike.

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