The Best Wine Gifts for Mother’s Day: Find Your Champagne Now, Before Bottles Sell Out

Best Wine Gifts for Mother's Day

The best wine gifts for Mother’s Day include food that pairs well with the wine. Image source: Pixabay CC user StockSnap

 If you’re stumped on Mother’s Day gifts this year, fine wine might be your answer. A gift of wine lets you choose a vintage that closely matches your mother’s tastes, and even her personality. My own mother loves oranges and Veuve Clicquot, so I plan on giving her a set of homemade orange cupcakes along with a vintage bottle of 1995 La Grande Dame. The best wine gifts for Mother’s Day are usually celebratory and special, like a bottle of vintage Champagne or rosé, but you can also try unexpected varietals as well, like a bottle of Barolo or Washington Cabernet Sauvignon. The more you match your mother’s personality and taste with your selections, the better your gift will be. Here are a few basic rules you can follow to find the perfect gift.

Rule #1: Vintage Quality Matters More Than Brand

Since I already know that my mother loves Veuve Clicquot, choosing an ideal wine gift for her wasn’t difficult. I went with an older vintage of this wine because I wanted to give her something more special than what she could easily find in a store. You can find Champagne like Veuve Clicquot, Moet & Chandon, and Pol Roger in wine shops and even grocery stores, but older vintages tend to be more of a splurge and more difficult to find.

That’s why I suggest an older vintage champagne. As an added benefit, buying a vintage champagne means you can choose wine from the best years, and give your mother something with more depth and maturity than a young, non-vintage wine.

Here are a few of our favorite vintage Champagne picks for Mother’s Day:

2002 Bollinger Extra Brut: High ratings and 15 years in the cellar have given this wine excellent balance and beautiful citrus flavors.

2004 Moet & Chandon Dom Perignon Rosé: There’s just something special about rosé, and this vintage in particular received high ratings from critics.

2000 Krug: For a splurge, choose this knockout vintage with strong notes of ripe cherry and roasted almond.

Rule #2: Match Your Mother’s Palate

Even if your mother doesn’t have a favorite wine, you can still find the perfect wine gift for Mother’s Day by observing which types of wines she tends to order at restaurants, or matching the wine to her favorite foods. Does she usually order a glass of Chardonnay, or is she a bigger fan of Cabernet Sauvignon? Look beyond whether your mother enjoys red or white wine, and get to the specific flavors she loves. For instance, if she usually drinks bold, fruit-forward Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, then you can safely get her any bold, fruit-forward wine. It doesn’t even have to be Merlot or Cabernet–you might want to expand her horizons with a fruity Malbec instead. Find a few wines that you know she’s enjoyed in the past, and read tasting notes on them to see if you notice a pattern.

You can also look to the foods your mother enjoys, or simply match the wine to an upcoming Mother’s Day brunch or dinner. If you know you’re treating her to a steak dinner that evening, consider buying her a Left Bank Bordeaux blend that will pair well with a meaty dish. Try making a full experience out of your wine gift, rather than just handing your mother the bottle. When you pair it with her favorite food, or enjoy drinking the bottle with her, it can make the gift more precious and exceptional.

Here are our favorite wines to pair with food for Mother’s Day:

2013 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon: Full-bodied and rich, this wine pairs best with meaty, flavor-packed dishes.

2005 Raveneau: A buttery Chardonnay that pairs perfectly with light meals, fish, or a cheese platter.

1996 Chateau d’Yquem: A Sauternes vintage that is full-bodied and intensely sweet, lending itself well to desserts and fresh fruit platters.

Rule #3: Stick with Your Roots

I find that bottles with deep emotional meaning make wonderful gifts for Mother’s Day, no matter the varietal. Consider buying a vintage from your mother’s hometown, or from your mother’s ancestral country. I once brought my Italian grandmother a bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo for Mother’s Day, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her more excited to try a wine. It reminded her of her home country and brought back up many deep memories. Choose a region that connects strongly with your mother, whether it’s her hometown or just a favorite vacation spot. You can also pair the bottle with gourmet snacks from that region and place it all in a neatly-wrapped basket.

Here are just a few of our regional wine picks for Mother’s Day:

Italy: 2013 Gaja Barbaresco: Dark, bold, and packed with flavor, this wine is ideal for those who prefer a powerful wine.

Argentina: 2007 Nicolas Catena Zapata: A lighter red blend with hints of spice, perfect for red wine fans who prefer a subtler flavor profile.

California: 2014 Peay Chardonnay: A fresh, bright white wine jam-packed full of minerality and fruit flavors, making it a great choice for intense white wine enthusiasts.

The key to a perfect Mother’s Day gift is to take what your mother already enjoys and expand on it. Buying the highest-quality wine vintages is a start, but the best gifts go deeper, taking into account your mother’s unique history and palate.

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