Why You Should Eliminate Vibration When Storing Wine


There are numerous important factors to consider when storing wine, whether it be long or short term. The ideal temperature is 55 degrees with a humid environment. Do not let light into the storage space and keep the bottles on their side when in storage. For now, we want to emphasize is the effect of vibration and how to minimize or just completely eliminate it. 

Bad Vibrations

Keep the bottles still! Do not place your fine wines in a storage fridge that is going to constantly moving. You may not even know there are vibrations in the storage space, but even almost unnoticeable vibrations can have an effect. For short term storage, this is not as big of a deal, but if you’re storing a fine wine for ten years, like a Bollinger or Raveneau, vibrations can have a huge effect on the quality, flavors, aromas, and texture.

Vibration causes a chemical imbalance in a wine. For quality aged red wines, there are sediments that build up during storage and they need to settle. This is particularly true of wines from producers that don’t filter or fine their wines, like Williams Selyem Winery. When the wine is placed in a noisy and shaking wine fridge the sediments are stirred into the wine again, taking away aromas and flavors and potentially leaving you with an actual rough wine. The constant vibrating increases chemical reactions and speeds up aging. The wine essentially ‘goes bad’ and won’t taste too great when it’s finally time to open it.

A good solution to the problem would find a wine fridge that guarantees no vibrations and can maintain steady Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.57.42 PMtemperatures. At this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, Haier’s displayed their new No Compressor Wine Cabinet. It appears to be an excellent solution to the the problem. The storage container keeps your wine cool, it remains completely silent, and it won’t leave you with a shaken and wasted aged wine.

If you know of any other great storage tips and fridge/cabinet recommendations, let us know! Or if your collection has expanded and you no longer have enough space to store your wine yourself, let Vinfolio do it for you. Our excellent storage services are handled by trusted wine experts and allow you to even manage your collections with VinCellar. Check us out if you’re interested!

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