Self-Storage Wine Lockers: The Hidden Costs

Storing your wine in a locker is not the bargain that you might think. There are many people in the wine collecting community that have chosen to store their wine in self-service wine locker facilities, as shown by the rise in recent years of ‘do-it-yourself’ locations popping up across the U.S. These are often viewed as the most-cost effective way to store your wine collection. But what collectors often fail to take into consideration are three major factors that, in the end, can cost them far more each year than storing with a full-service wine storage operation.

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Zen and the Art of Barcode Printer Maintenance

A lot of things go into collecting wine.  Beautiful cellars with dramatic show cases, cunning social jiu-jitsu that lands you on that exclusive distribution list, fun social events comparing wine knowledge with a fellow collector.  But one of the more mundane elements is individually identifying every bottle in your collection.  Each bottle is truly unique and takes on a life of its own after leaving the winery.  Currently, the most practical and convenient way to keep one bottle distinctly identifiable is to give it a number and put that number on the bottle… a.k.a. “barcode” it.

This fundamental tracking tool is not to be taken lightly.  Provenance is important, even when it’s the micro provenance of your own collection as it moves from your home cellar to a storage facility, from one location to another.  You want to know where they are at all time and always know from what source they came.

Recently we made a commitment at Vinfolio to only suggest, supply and support a barcode printing solution that we use for our own internal storage operations.  Below is a summary of the thought process that went behind this decision. Continue reading

Seven Guidelines For Storing Your Wine Collection

How you store your wine collection is one of the most important decisions you can make as a collector. Not all wine storage solutions are the same. If you don’t have your wine stored properly, you may find out years later that your treasured collection is worth pennies on the dollar.

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