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Spain Comes into Its Own: The Rise of Collectible Spanish Wines

  For centuries, Spain has been in the shadow of its world-renowned winemaking neighbor, France. However, the land of Don Quixote is the third-largest wine producer in the world, with over one million acres dedicated to vineyards, more than any other wine-producing country on the planet. While I have been enjoying great Spanish wines for many years during my travels, I have only recently become more interested in collecting Spanish wines. The terroir of various Spanish wine regions makes for

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Discovering Top Spanish Wine Regions and Wineries

  Spaniards live for pleasure: lazy afternoons by the seashore, big lunches with abundant wine and sherry, siestas and nightlife. I love that about Spain. If a Spaniard has one penny, he will spend it enjoying life. Wine is a big part of enjoying life in Spain, and the country has no lack of wineries. Planning a wine tasting tour of some of the country’s top regions is a challenging task, because there is simply so much to see and

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3 Screaming Eagle Wines That Should Be on Your Bucket List

  Of the many excellent, highly-acclaimed wines of Napa Valley, why does Screaming Eagle soar above the rest? Not only does this winery enjoy a reputation as one of the finest producers in the United States (if not the world), it’s also one of the most exclusive. These wines, cultivated from grapes grown on just 60 acres of stony, valley-floor soil in Oakville, California, come in small batches. The winery now produces just several hundred cases a year, though in

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The Mentzelopoulos Era: Chateau Margaux Restored

  An old man I once spoke to in the beautiful, ancient village of Margaux told me that the Greek owner of Chateau Margaux, André Mentzelopoulos, had been captivated by the Ionic columns of the building at the Chateau because they reminded him of his homeland. Whatever the cause of his fascination, the Greek entrepreneur would be a crucial figure in the unusual story of Chateau Margaux’s restoration and rise into the ranks of the most respected wineries in the

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Australian Shiraz Part 1: Beyond Barossa – The Past and Future of Australian Shiraz

  I was on a cruise passing near the Arctic circle when I first tried Australian Shiraz, and I have to say it has remained one of my favorite reds; it made a perfect pairing with the midnight sun. I particularly enjoy blends of Shiraz with a touch of Viognier, something Australians do as well as the French. The 2009 Hillbille Signature James Brittain Shiraz-Viognier from Blackwood Valley is my absolute favorite. Australian Shiraz is a full-bodied wine with a

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Want to Know What the Next “It” Napa Valley Wine Will Be? Watch the Auction

  Once upon a time, snapping up Bordeaux futures and cases of esteemed Burgundies like Domaine de la Romanée-Conti was all the strategy a wine collector needed. But times have changed. For the past few seasons, buying Bordeaux en primeur hasn’t paid off for many investors. Great Burgundies with impeccable pedigree — like DRC — have been harder to acquire, and skilled wine forgeries have made high-end wine investment less certain. Of course, there’s no such thing as a sure

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Vinfolio Interviews Dustin Wilson, Wine Director at Eleven Madison Park, NYC

  The elite NY restaurant Eleven Madison Park only opened in 1998, but its accolades include four stars from the New York Times, three stars from Michelin Guide, five stars from Forbes Travel Guide, and a Five Diamond Review from AAA. S. Pellegrino also ranked the restaurant one of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Wine Spectator gave the restaurant their Grand Award, and the restaurant has been listed in Les Grandes Tables du Monde. Eleven Madison Park’s globally-recognized executive chef,

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The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Bordeaux

  In the world of wine, some things never change. The critics’ collective opinion of the best Bordeaux wines, which was established over 150 years ago, remains largely unchanged today. In 1855, during an international exhibition in Paris, the best Bordeaux wines were classified into categories. Among the wines distinguished were: Château Haut-Brion, Château Lafite-Rothschild, Château Latour, Château Margaux, and Château Mouton Rothschild. Today, even an average vintage of these Premier Crus is highly sought after and will cost a

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Understanding Price: Behind The World’s Most Expensive Wines

  Sometimes wines of the same vintage and varietal can vary significantly in price. This leads even collectors to ask: what determines a wine’s price? What is the difference between a $30 Pinot Noir from California and a $2000+ Pinot Noir from Burgundy? What makes a wine special enough to be worth $10,000? For collectors, understanding the logic behind wine pricing can help them determine which wines are truly worth investing in. After wine has spent some time maturing, some


For the Best Burgundy Wines, 2015 is the Time for Collecting

  The French countryside has that je ne sais quoi. The romanticism of Flaubert novels and Eric Rohmer films is still very much alive in the sunny meadows, flowery gardens, rolling hills, and charming chateaus that adorn the landscape. If you consider the price of a hectare of vineyards in the region of La Bourgogne, there is a hefty sum to pay for such bucolic beauty. Over the last five years, the average hectare of top regional vineyards has gone